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We have a state-of-the-art facility with the best customer service around! When you rent from us, you'll have 24-hour access to your belongings. Give us a call or rent online today!

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We have a variety of unit sizes to meet every storage need.

10 x 25 (10 x 25)

• Similar to a large one-car garage (250 sq ft) •
This size unit could fit items from a small house or multi bedroom apartment. These units can fit: an entire living room, an entire kitchen and two bedrooms worth of furniture.

$95 / month

10 x 30 (10 x 30)

• The is approximate the size of a two-car garage (300 sq ft) •
A 10×30 space can hold the contents of a 5+ bedroom house. It’s ideal for storing entertainment centers, refrigerators, beds, couches and much more! These spaces are also great for storing your antique cars, jet skis and motorcycles.

$99 / month

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10 x 20 (10 x 20)

• A 10×20 storage unit is approximately the size of a standard one-car garage (200 sq ft) •
With 200 sq. ft. of storage space you can store a three- to four-bedroom house while you’re in-between homes. Or, you can store all your business files and inventory. A 10×20 space is perfect for multiple storage racks. This space will fit a car or small truck.

$79 / month

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8 x 20 Shipping Container (8 x 20)

• A 8 x 20 storage unit is approximately the size of a one-car garage (160 sq ft) •
As a general rule, the household goods of a one- to two- bedroom apartment will fit into a 20-foot container. By using bubble wrap and moving boxes for proper packing, you will ensure that you easily fit all of your belongings into a 20-foot container.

$60 / month

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8 x 40 (8 x 40)

• A 8 x 40 shipping container is approximately the size of a standard two car garage (320 sq ft) •
A 40-foot shipping container will likely be able to hold the contents and belongings of a 3 to 4-bedroom family home. Irregularly shaped items or certain types of furniture may take up more space than equally sized boxes.

$100 / month

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